World Cup Winner 2014: Germany Wins 4th World Cup

With Germany and Argentina fighting for the 2014 World Cup champion title, the game was always going to be intense. It was at the 113th minute during extra-time that Mario Götze made Germany win the match once and for all.


Germany finally won its fourth world champion title for the football world cup competition. Previously, it was made world champion in 1954, 1974 and 1990. Can they help but be proud after 24 years?! Though this year’s victory marks the first one for unified Germany.

The much-awaited match took place yesterday (14.07.14) at Rio de Janeiro. Germany faced Argentina, to finally beat the latter during the extended time by 1-0, and that was how the team of the all-time favourite, Lionel Messi, was defeated.

The match was never going to be easy. Everyone knew it was going to be exciting and intense, with both teams fighting for the prestigious title. None would give it up easily. It was of no surprise that the match was dragged beyond the normal time of 90 minutes, further extending the suspense. As 30-minute additional time was given, both teams intensified the game. It was at the 113th minute that the winner finally emerged, leaving everyone breathless – Germany had once again won the competition, after more than two decades! The one who allowed Germany the honour of the title after 24 years was Mario Götze, who entered into the match at the 88th minute.

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