Worldcup Finals: Brazil Out – Germany In

The critical semi-final match of yesterday between Brazil and Germany has shown the world how records are meant to be broken. Brazil is now out of the World Cup competition, while Germany is marching forth to the finals like never before, having bagged so many prizes already, with their player Miroslav Klose now having the most number of goals for World Cup matches.


After the match of yesterday, if there’s one positive thing for Brazil, it must be that, at least, they won’t have to ‘go home’.

The severe defeat it met with when faced with the team of Germany is the worst defeat it ever has had to deal with in its entire World Cup history. The 2014 match between Germany and Brazil constitutes quite a feat: it marks the greatest gap to have been made for a semi-final match ever since 1954 when RFA had beaten Austria with a gap of 6-1. The Mannschaft has broken yet another record: it will be going to its 8th finals tomorrow at Rio. Uptil now, its opponent remains unknown. The other semi-final match yet to be played will reveal who it will be playing against: Argentina or Netherlands.

Well, Brazil fans are going to blame it all on the absence of the two players, Neymar and Thiago Silva, for the important match. While Neymar had been severely injured, Thiago, the captain of the team, had been suspended earlier.

The Germans were sure at the peak of their energies. Player Müller scored quite early after the matche started off, followed by Klose, who scored 4 goals in six minutes. Miroslav Klose has now thus broken the record of the number of goals. The Brazil team had, uptil now, 42 undefeated matches without having been defeated on its lands.

And, that’s how records are broken!

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