100-Year-Old Trees To Be Felled Down In Piton

The main road leading to Piton will soon undergo infrastructural developments. A third pathway will be constructed and part of the existing one will be enlarged to make it safer, specially since heavy vehicles are regularly driven along. To achieve this goal, a number of hundred-year-old trees will have to be felled down. A necessary evil, maybe?

cutting down trees

Mauritius was once covered in dense forests. During the infrastructural development phase that followed its colonisation, the island lost considerable amounts of greeneries – this has continued till recently, with Mauritius losing its forest cover at an astounding rate: we went from having 82.5 % of the island covered in forested areas to less than 2 % now.

The trend of deforestation has never quite stopped. Felling down of trees is a habit in order to provide more and more land for construction purposes. With the same mindset, a number of hundred-year-old trees will be chopped off along the main road of Piton: the work has already. Officials from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure have said that it is a necessary evil. The Road Development Authority will soon build a third road near the fire station. Also, the road which is in front of the school situated in the vicinity will be enlarged. The new road will make 200 meters in length, with 175 meters leading to Goodlands, and 25 meters in the direction of Poudre-D’Or.

The trees have had to be felled down to accommodate for a larger road which is specially used by heavy vehicles often enough. The previously narrow road was much of a disadvantage to the public: a number of accidents occurred in that region.

The new road will be functional by October.

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  • All the side road trees were meant to spread shade on the old time charette “decapotable” and they are not responsible of road accident. I have never seen trees moving towards a car.

    Wide and nice roads encourage drivers to go faster. So better leave the trees and the roads as they are …just a nice resurfacing will be enough.

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