2 Additional Ancient Maya Cities Discovered in Mexico

Researchers have discovered two ancient Maya cities known as Tamchen and Lagunita in a forest found in the southeast of a peninsula in Mexico. The remains of altars, stelae and other buildings have been found.


While life propels us forward in time, mankind has always had the propensity to look back to its history for many different reasons – to learn from the past, to educate ourselves of our origin, to find our ancestors, and so on. In between these arrays of reasons, the science of archaeology has been developed, sprouting from mankind’s urge to decipher mysteries, leading him to go after past civilizations. Astounding discoveries have been made by archaeologists worldwide making of this field of study both a fascinating and educating one.

Recently, a group of archaeologists came across two ancient Maya cities. These were discovered in the Gulf state of Campeche in the tropical forest of Yucatan peninsula, in Mexico. The cities have been spotted near the modern towns Xpujil and Zoh Laguna.


The first of the two cities is known as Tamchen. The latter means “deep well”. Actually, more than 30 underground storage cells have been spotted in that region. These chambers are bottle-shaped and known as chultuns. They were used by Mayans to collect rainwater. The city also include huge buildings together with a temple in the shape of a pyramid and other enormous plazas.


The second city is called Lagunita. This one is marked by monuments crafted in stone. It also includes an entrance representing open jaws of the earth monster. Lagunita had around ten stelae and three altars. Lagunita was, in fact, documented back in the 1970s by an American researcher, Eric von Euw. He had drawn landmarks of the city. However, with time, the exact location became unknown. Archaeologists have tried to retrace their steps back to the city in the past, but to no avail, until only recently. The team of researchers having made the discovery based themselves on the sketches drawn by Euw and finally found what they were looking for.

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