2014 Is Forecast To Welcome More Than One Million Tourists in Mauritius

Now that half of 2014 has passed by, it is safe to say that it will be a promising year for the tourist sector. The number of foreigners to visit the country for the whole year has been forecast to going past the one million threshold – this will inevitably impact favourably on the revenues to be gleaned from tourism.

tourism in Mtius

The tourist sector has been boosted lately, as compared to some time back, in 2012, when the number of tourists travelling to Mauritius had considerably decreased. The gloomy days seem to be behind us now. Tourists from the UK are flocking to the island in huge numbers. Their French counterparts also seem to be inclined to the beauty of the island. A week ago, the island was ranked first among the top 3 honeymoon and wedding destination in the French magazine Mariée.

Statistics Mauritius has revealed new numbers that show the increasing trend of tourists coming to the country. 2014 is expected to be a blooming year for tourism – forecasts made by experts claim that 1 030 000 foreigners are to spend their holidays in paradise island. In 2013, the number did not reach the 1000 000 threshold; only 993 106 tourist arrivals were recorded. If things go as planned, 2014 will have known a 3.7 % increase in the number of tourists.

During the first trimester of this year, 490 697 tourists have travelled to the island. This marks a 4 % increase for the same period in 2013, with 19 033 tourists. The increase has been made possible by the arrival of Chinese tourists: in a year, the number of Chinese coming to Mauritius has practically doubled.

If Mauritius is currently enjoying a flourishing upward trend, the same cannot be said for countries in the vicinity. Seychelles has undergone a 1.5 % decrease of tourist arrival in the first semester as compared to 2013.

Tourism has always been considered as an important economic pillar. The amount of foreign currency to get into the coffers of the State seems to be promising this year: if the trend proceeds in the right direction, Rs 44 500 million will result from the tourist arrivals, which represents a 9.6 % increase from 2013 earnnings.

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