Accidental Gunshot By Police Officers At Residence of Jim Seetaram

A dangerous incident occurred at Henrietta at the residence of minister Jim Seetaram. Police officers are used to keeping guard at the latter’s place; they do so in shift. Yesterday (28.08.14), a bullet was inadvertently shot when the first officer was handing over the weapon to another of his colleague as he was passing the responsibility of watching over the house. No one was hurt as the bullet hit a wall. However, the question as to whether the first policeman was negligent as to not having ensured that the safety catch of the handgun was on has led the police force of Vacoas to open a case.

accidental shot

When two police officers who are to alternately stand guard at the residence of the minister Jim Seetaram at Henrietta were doing the “handing over” of the weapon that is to remain in their possession during the time they watch over the house, a bullet was ‘accidentally’ shot. The incident took place yesterday afternoon, 28th of August. Fortunately, the bullet went into the wall – no one was hurt.

A similar incident occurred nearly 20 years ago, back in 1995. A policeman who came to drop his colleague who was to stand guard at the residence of the President of the Republic of that time, Cassam Uteem, at Beau-Bassin, got shot in the forehead – Anil Outim lost his life at 23 years old as a consequence. Fortunately, no one was injured this time, but the possibility that someone could have been fatally injured because of someone else’s negligence has triggered actions to be taken.

The police force of Vacoas has thus opened an investigation to shed light on the event which could have had disastrous consequences had the bullet hit anyone. The aim of the investigation is to find out whether the police officer who did the first round of guard was “negligent” when it comes to his duties: did he verify the safety catch of the handgun before passing it on to his colleague, or did he not?

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