Autopsy of Corpse of Harmon Chellen Will Be Soon Done

The autopsy of Harmon Chellen will be done soon. No evidence has yet been found as to the cause of death. The Minister of Tourism of Seychelles affirmed that, in his opinion, no foul play is involved in the case.

harmon chellen

The former Director of the École Hôtelière, Harmon Chellen, was found in the sea of Seychelles on Monday, 19th of August. He had travelled to Seychelles to attend a graduation ceremony where he was invited as guest of honour. He was to return to Mauritius on the 19th, but it was the bad news that came to greet his family on Monday afternoon.

The cause of death is still unknown. Hours before his body was discovered, he had been at the police station having been accused of rape attempts by an employee of the hotel where he was residing during his stay in Seychelles. After he left the police station, his whereabouts from then on have remained unknown to us. Did he willingly go to the beach? Or, was he forcibly led there?

The autopsy will be done in the presence of the wife of Harmon Chellen and the lawyer Veda Balamoody.

The Minister of Tourism of Seychelles, Alain St-Ange, has stated that the case is not punctuated by any foul play. However, nothing definite can be said before the investigations lead to concrete evidence.

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