British Soldier Arrested in Mauritius For Derogatory Comments on Facebook

A British soldier originating from Rodrigues has recently been arrested after allegations of him having posted derogatory comments on the ex Chief Commisioner, John Roussety, on his Facebook page, were made. He has presented in the court of Mahebourg and will thereafter travel to Rodrigues today, 27th of August.

John Roussety

Facebook, the online social network, is quite an amazing tool to use to connect with family and friends. However, it is also to be used right. This year has seen many Mauritians being charged with “breach of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Act”. Oh yes, yet another case has been recorded.

A British soldier, coming from Rodrigues, has been placed in detention at the police station of Vacoas since the 22nd of August. He has been accused of posting “defamatory comments” on his Facebook page on the ex-Chief Commissioner of Rodrigues, John Roussety. He was arrested after he landed in Mauritius a week ago.

He was to present in the court of Mahebourg. He will now be transferred to Rodrigues today, 27th of August.

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