British Tourists Accuse Personnel of Amber Hotel For Poisoning Defenceless Stray Dogs

British tourists having resided at Amber Hotel have alleged witnessing the deaths of dogs who are said to have been poisoned, blaming the hotel personnel for the acts of animal cruelty. They have taken a number of initiatives with the aim to denouncing the cruel ways some people have resorted to to express their dominance on helpless animals. The hotel administration has attested to another version: it is aware of dogs having been poisoned, but it denies any responsibility and, in turn, decries how some hotel customers have made false allegations against it. PAWS has also reacted to the incident.
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Fighting for oppressed animals?

Of all creatures on Earth, humans have been assigned with the most superior rank: everything in nature, from its geographical features to the living things sprouting from its midst, has been subjugated for mankind. Animals, be they fierce predators or pets, are at the mercy of humans, to some extent. As long as we deal with them justly, everything functions smoothly – a rule that goes for occurrences in the natural ecosystem, our own ethics system, life in general, and so on. However, not everyone plays it by the rules: that is how animals worldwide are mistreated, unable to stand up for their own rights. Fortunately, some do fight for the rights of the oppressed. Or so it is made to appear; those making the allegations and the accused have their own different versions of the situation…

Facebook group created to denounce ill-treatment of dogs

A group of tourists having stayed at Amber Hotel during their visit in Mauritius claim to have witnessed atrocious ill-treatment of dogs. They allege that some dogs have been poisoned last month in the premises of the hotel. Outraged, they have put in collective efforts to denounce the cruel acts. They have even created a group on Facebook with the name “Dodger’s Diary” to call for public attention. They have also uploaded pictures depicting the situation at the hotel on the group.

The tourists seem to have left no stone unturned. They have first contacted the Mauritian authorities, including Protection of Animals Welfare Society (PAWS). After having left the island back to the UK, they have informed the press there of what they testified to in Mauritius.

It seems that this situation is not limited to Amber Hotel… As PAWS was notified of this particular incident, it stated that it has received a number of complaints coming from customers of other hotels across the island.


Amber Hotel denies responsibility

Now, what is the version of the personnel of Amber Hotel? They have indeed confirmed being aware of the poisoning cases of stray dogs, but they have also denied responsibility. They allege that the stray dogs are used to going to and fro in the region, including the fields in the vicinity where planters use pesticides. They have stated not having remained passive to the state of affairs: they requested for the services of a veterinarian who treated the dogs, the expenses of which were covered by the hotel itself. They have further condemned the deeds of the tourists…

Measures taken by PAWS

PAWS has contributed to the training of the hotel staff. It has suggested to the administration of Amber Hotel to adopt 2 to 3 dogs and to create a feeding station with the view to encouraging the hotel customers to feed dogs at that particular spot only.

President of AHRIM dismisses the allegations of the hotel customers

The president of the Association of Hoteliers and Restaurants In Mauritius (AHRIM), Gregory de Clerck, has also commented on the situation. He stated that they decry animal cruelty, and at the same time, they condemn false allegations coming from the hotel customers. Gregory de Clerck also talked about stray dogs and cats which pose a great problem to the personnel of hotels. They are now looking forward for a sterilization campaign whereby 10 000 stray dogs are expected to be sterilized in the North of the island in October 2014.

He further added that the customers who made the accusations are only trying to extract some kind of compensation for their stay at the hotel.

Past cases which gained much media coverage

Animal cruelty is one of the social ills worldwide. People in general tend to react boisterously when faced with such allegations. Recently, a Mauritian woman found three dogs encaged in an isolated location. She had thus informed the authorities, and the owner of the dogs was apprehended and he was sent a Compliance Notice from the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW). Some months back, another case had solicited public attention: a man allegedly killed a seven-month old dog because the latter would constantly bark at him. Another case of dog abuse, more cruel in nature, was reported from Mayotte where stray dogs were hanged to death out in the open.


  • My friend was at the hotel a couple of months back which has brought this to my attention, she has been very down since she’s been back and cries a lot about what she saw & what she’s heard since being back, she, like myself is an animal lover. All people want is justice and an end to this cruel way the animals have been treated. To suggest people are just after compensation is just a way of trying to distract authorities etc, from the problem.

  • The Facebook page was intended as a friendly group of like minded British tourists to stay in touch with the dogs they had befriended on their holidays. No mention of compensation from any of group.

  • I have been trying my absolute best to not become embroiled in this increasingly heated argument since I crated the Facebook group Dodgers diary. However having read your quite astoundingly inaccurate article and comments I feel I have no choice but to respond.
    Firstly this site was never intended to be a site crusading for animal welfare. I created it purely as a vehicle by which myself my wife and many other guests we met at the Ambre Hotel could keep up to date with how Dodger and his friends were keeping as we had become very attached to them during our stay in Mauritius. However since we departed it appears clear that Dodger has past on and it has become clear that cruelty towards these animals is commonplace ( across Mauritius it seems and not just at the Ambre) . I am personally aware of guests who have arranged care for these dogs whilst on vacation and feel 100% confident , all our members are genuine despite Mr De Clercks quite frankly disgusting accusation that all tourists are “only after compensation” I would be amazed if a this were the case for any members of this group. Mr De Clerck please feel free to supply the names of all members of Dodgers Diary that are claiming compensation and I will happily denounce them and bar them from the site immediately . However I very much doubt any names will be forthcoming from you?
    Finally I just want to make 100% clear my group is not set up to attack The Ambre Hotel or Mauritius both of which I love but if it raises the profile of these poor animals and prevents another death like Dodgers then it is a worth while venture. Please in future research your story and find out the facts before making scurrilous and inaccurate accusations. We are just a face book page and not the Mauritian Liberation front we are not out to destroy the tourist trade on your lovely island but we do al feel strongly that this issue needs addressing and quickly.
    Neil Smith
    Founder of Dodgers Diary

  • My partner and I paid for a limping dog (Hopper) to have veterinary treatment and then discussed with Ambre management how the hotel could improve the animal’s welfare eg feeding stations and donation boxes. There is absolutely no way that any of the Dodgers Diary group are interested in claiming compensation. We are all raising money for the charity PAWS not trying to gain it for ourselves. It is an outrageous accusation! Britain is a country of animal lovers and if hotels in Mauritius want British people to enjoy holidays on their beautiful island they need to understand that animal cruelty is NOT acceptable to us.

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