Statistics Mauritius: Cases of Speeding and Dangerous Driving Have Increased

Statistics Mauritius has published its new report yesterday, 12.08.14. The data illustrated the trend of drivers not adhering to road safety guidelines. The number of fines issued for speeding and dangerous driving have increased, while those issued for drunk drivers have undergone a slight decrease.


Fines issued

Statistics Mauritius has a knack at juggling with digits. Lately, its report published yesterday, 12th of August, has revealed the 2013 landscape of the Mauritian roads being abused of by drivers exceeding speed limits. The fines issued for such drivers have increased by 18 %, with 66 461 fines recorded in 2013, with only 56 263 in 2012. Furthermore, fines to be paid by drivers because of dangerous driving have also inched up by 14 %: from 1433 to 1630. The positive point illustrated by the report is that the fines issued for drunk drivers have decreased by 1 %: from 211546 in 2012 to 213 686.

Payments made

The point-record driving license system has accounted for around 27 457 payments from May to December 2013. Last year, around 23 769 drivers have been sanctioned under the point system; 97 % of them had reached 4 points, and only 22 attained 10 to 15 points, while noone exceeded the maximum number of points before the driving license is seized. 80 % of the fines issued for speeding have been paid by the guilty drivers. The use of mobile phones while driving made around 7 % of the payments, with 6 % for those not buckling their seat belts when traveling.

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  • Mettre la limite a 50Km/h sur toute l’ile et le Gouvernement ramassera plus de fric …

    Mais il faut que cela s’applique a TOUTE les voitures a L’exception de

    1) Ambulance
    2) Pompier

    C’est TOUT!!!

    Voiture des Ministres NON
    Voiture du President NON

    Compte tenue que seulement les officier qui travail pour eux …ils ont tout le temps et peuvent prendre tout leur temps pour arriver au bureau ou renter chez eux …il n’y a personne pour les reprimander !!!

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