Chinese Man Survives With A Knife Struck In The Brain!

A man from the Sichuan province of China is said to have survived miraculously a blow to the skull. A knife fell from the eighth floor of a building and struck his skull – and the man is not dead. Now, how true is this far-fetched story?

knife through skull

They say everything is made in China. Well, it now seems that weird stories are also made right there. The Telegraph recently published the story of a man in the Sichuan province of China who miraculously survived after having had a knife go through his skull. Far-fetched? Made-up story? However impossible it might seem, the director of the Center for Neurocritical Care at the North Shore University Hospital in New York, Dr. Richard Temes, has stated that one can indeed survive a knife through the head; such stories have indeed been recorded.

Wait till you hear about how did the mishap happen – it only gets weirder. The knife that pierced through the skull of the man fell from a balcony found on the eighth floor of a building. Wow, what are the chances for this to occur?!

Dr. Temes stated that head injuries are not always fatal. However, this does not mean that the wounded person will not retain the effects resulting thereof.

He explained that surviving “devastating injury” comes with consequences: the person generally experiences neurological changes. In critical cases, this entails the loss of motor skills. Otherwise, more subtle changes take place, like one’s memory and personality might also be affected.

The consequences depend on which part of the brain was hit. Different areas of the brain are associated with different functions. Hence, depending on the specific target of the blow, certain brain faculties are undermined. The long-term affects are also difficult to forecast, nor are they clear.


Temes therefore concluded that the man from China will most probably come out of this with neurological changes which will manifest one day or the other.

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