Accident at Rivière-des-Anguilles: CNT Bus Crashed Into Tourist Car

A serious road accident just occurred in Rivière-des-Anguilles today, 28th of August in the morning. The accident involved a bus of the company National Transport Corporation and a car carrying as passengers four tourists including a child among them. The accident has proved to be quite disastrous with a number of seriously wounded people. More information is to follow the investigations. The car hit a tree and remained stuck there. But, currently, the main concern is to get the victims safe and sound at hospitals to receive medical care.

cnt accident mauritius

road accident RdA

Uptil now, no death has been recorded, but the seriousness of the injuries of the passengers involved has not been revealed.

Less than an hour ago, at around 11h30, a third victim of the accident was extricated from the crashed vehicles.

Right now, firemen are at work to remove the fourth person in the car.

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