Customer of Super U (Belle Rose) Discovers Mouldy Packs of Cheese

Hansen Veeren, a customer of Super U, found out that the ten packets of cheese he bought from the supermarket contained portions of cheese that had gone mouldy. Exasperated and displeased, he contacted the personnel of Super U to complain of what happened.

cheesePicture as shared on Facebook by complainant

People usually compare the smell of long-worn socks to that of cheese. Now, imagine the ‘scent’ given off from cheese that went mouldy! This was what Hansen Veeren had to bear after he bought 10 packets of cheese from Super U of Belle-Rose on the 4th of April of this year. During the following months, he was to find a chain of unpleasant incidents to unfold in his kitchen. Every time he opened a new packet of cheese, he was grossly surprised to find that part of the cheddar had gone mouldy. Mind you, the date of expiry is written as the 31st of October 2014. At first, he did not think much of it: he would just cut out the spoilt part and consume the rest. However, the last packet of cheese was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was completely spoilt, emitting an extremely bad odour. It even had fungi growing on it.

Exasperated at the situation, Hansen Veeren contacted Super U. He was then asked to bring his receipt together with the food item. Hansen related that the response he received from the personnel was very much inappropriate. He had lost the receipt but later found it. He still had his fidelity card though, such that he was able to prove that he had indeed made purchases at the supermarket on the 4th of April. He was then told that the spoilt products bought there are to be returned within five days of purchase, which did not please Hansen, nor was he satisfied of the treatment he received. He purports that the personnel of Super U did not take his case into consideration.

By then, he had also contacted the authorities responsible, more specifically the Consumer’s Protection Unit (CPU) to complain of the incident. He was then referred to the Minister of Health. Officers then took samples of the cheese for analysis. Uptil now, Hansen has received no reply.

The version of the personnel of Super U is, as expected, very different from Hansen’s. They admit having met with Hansen. However, they purport that the latter never brought the receipt, and that they were not able to take back the products. The policy of the company is clear about it not taking back any product bought, nor is the payment returned. But, in case the products have defects, the personnel does take this into account and acts accordingly.

The battle of Hansen was not yet over. He went so far as contacting Panagora Ltd, the supplier of cheese in the country. He was then offered six new cheese packets. Hansen then explained that his intention was to denounce what happened to him, and not to be compensated with new packets.

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  • Hansen Veeren, should eat Dholl Pouri ..
    the more a Cheese smell the more it has fungus the better it is …

    If he buys Camembert. You would say it smell bad .

    According to Biologist …the Fungus or basteria use to manufacture cheeses are identical to those found between our toes !!!!

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