Deadline for Biometric NIC On The 15th of September

The 15th of September 2014 has been chosen as the deadline for the registration of the biometric National Identity Card. Past the scheduled date, 12 of the 13 convertion centers will be closed, with only the one situated at the Emmanuel Anquetil building open.


The deadline for registering for the new biometric National Identity Card (NIC) is only a matter of 17 days away now; the 15th of September is the last day for registration. The Project Director of the Mauritius National Identity Scheme, Rao Ramah, stated that in the coming days, at least 4 000 people will have to present themselves to the convertion centers to get their NIC made. The question is, will the remaining people actually go for it?

Uptil now, around 88 % of Mauritians already have in their possession their biometric NIC. Of these, 90 % of those falling in the age group of 19 to 22 years of age have their own. 75 % of those in the 23 – 54 age group have also registered already, together with around 90 % of the last age group: 55 and more.

The topic of the biometric card which includes the taking of one’s fingerprints has turned out to be a serious bone of contention ever since certain questions were raised by several members of the public as to its relevance and associated security issues.

As a consequence of the controversy which was stirred, a court case was filed, contesting the project of the new NIC. The hearing has been scheduled for the 1st of September. In spite of this, Rao Ramah explains that they still went on to agree upon the recent deadline not as a means to pressurize those who have not yet done it, but, mostly as a reminder. They had planned for another deadline in the past, for the 18th of July, but had extended it further thereafter. He is optimistic that in the days to come, they will have reached over 800 000 registered people.

After the deadline of the 15th of September, 12 of the 13 convertion centers will be closed. The only one to have its doors open will be the one located in the Emmanuel Anquetil, Port-Louis.

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