Demonstration in Port-Louis Denouncing Police Brutality

A peaceful demonstration took place in front of the National Assembly building today, 21.08.14. The platform Regrupma Travayer Sosyal together with The Liberals went forward to denounce police brutality in Mauritius. The reactions have been spawned by the allegations of a photograph from Defi Media Group against a policeman who is said to have slapped him several times for no justified reason.


Members of the platform Regrupma Travayer Sosyal together with The Liberals were out in the streets today, 21th of August, protesting against the recent incident involving a policeman and a photograph from Defi Media Group. The members who posted themselves in front of the National Assembly engaged in a peaceful demonstration with posters bearing slogans that read texts along the lines of “No to police brutality against the press” and «Police brutality is unacceptable».

The incident that has triggered these heated reactions occurred yesterday afternoon at Trou-Fanfaron, Port-Louis. The photograph, Warren Marie, alleges having been subject to acts of violence by a policeman when he was taking pictures for the purpose of media coverage. He said having been approached by the officer who asked for his identity card. Thereafter, the latter began slapping the photograph and forcibly brought him to the police station.

A member of the platform Regrupma Travayer Sosyal, Eddy Sadien, who is also a social worker, claimed that the press people are having to bear the fury of others lately. He also wondered about the press syndicate being inactive.

The allegation of Warren Marie has since then sparked reactions from many from the public and the authorities. Rajah Madhewoo, the president of the political party The Liberals, spoke out concerning the issue, saying that police brutality is not acceptable in a democratic country. According to him, many policemen in the island accumulate frustration because of their work, pushing them to such limits that they take to perpetrating violent acts against members of the public as an outlet to the pent-up feelings. He even went so far as saying that the government is imitating that of Singapore where democracy is controlled.

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