When Diego Garcia Could Have Hosted A Second Guantanamo-Like Prison

The flabbergasting news of Diego Garcia having possibly been used as ground for the interrogation of prisoners taken by the US Government was recently exposed by The Telegraph. The latter also purports that at a point in time, the island was even considered for the construction of a Guantanamo-like prison. 

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The Telegraph has recently revealed that a prison very similar to the one at Guantanamo would have been set up in Diego Garcia. The weight of this news cannot be ignored: the prison camp at Guantanamo has been deemed as one of the worst prisons ever. Does Diego Garcia now house such a nightmare too?

According to the Telegraph, ex-President Bush had made an official request to Tony Blair for permission to construct a high-security prison on Diego Garcia. That is said to have happened in 2001. Thereafter, Britain rejected the idea because of the impracticability of the project.

However, certain documents have hinted at the possibility that the CIA still went forward with using the island. Diego Garcia might have been used as stop for the flights taking prisoners to and from “black site” prisons located across the globe. Has Diego Garcia been used for rendition aircrafts to move prisoners to the island where the conditions are less humane? It is suspected that certain prisoners have been interrogated on Diego Garcia.

Now, it is Britain who is being questioned for its support for the post-9/11 deeds of the CIA. Has the Foreign Office of England indirectly contributed to what is being considered the illegal use of the British territory making up Diego Garcia? Lawyers have discussed the issue of the legality of the question and said that it is “legally impossible”.

A report on the torturous acts perpetrated by the government of Bush was to be published by the US Senate, but, finally, the circumstances did not allow for the document to be released. The said report is said to be 3 600-page long. Maybe it contains information of the controversial use of Diego Garcia? If this is really true, we are not going to hear of it any soon, as the document is not expected to be made public in the near future.

Growing evidence seems to be in support of the idea that Diego Garcia might have featured in the activities of housing prisoners. “There was a discussion of whether or not Diego Garcia would be good as a transitory point for up to 500 prisoners of war coming out of Afghanistan,” stated Mr Michael Blyth, who operated as the British head of security on the island during the 9/11 events. Did the concerned authorities go forward with the plan though? However, others have claimed that the plan was not made to materialize because it would have been impossible to equip the island with 300 guards, dogs as well as security cameras, as stated by Adam Peters, the senior British officer on Diego Garcia.

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