ebola outbreak

Ebola Epidemic Goes Out of Control – Global Alert

As the Ebola epidemic ravaging west-African countries is intensifying, authorities are worried of it evolving into a pandemic. Volunteers have traveled from Europe and other developed countries to the African countries to help the people. Now, there is the fear of having the virus spread to the unaffected countries of the world. Airports are thus being increasingly monitored.

ebola outbreak

The west of Africa is being plagued by the ebola epidemic. Now, authorities fear lest this turns into a pandemic: what if the deadly ebola virus spreads to other continents?

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) have attested to that the fact the situation is worsening, spreading its tentacles further into Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Volunteers from Europe and elsewhere have travelled to the African countries to provide assistance to the peoples suffering from the epidemic. Countries around the world are working to find a possible way out of this mess. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has put up a platform allowing global health officials to discuss the possible measures to be taken to curb the propagation of the ebold virus. But, what is the virus spreads to other regions of the globe?

The US Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse even withdrew its team for some time from Liberia because of said “security issues”. As a consequence of the fear of having the virus travel from person to person, from region to region, heightened security at the airport caters for the likelihood of having infected passengers. Worldwide, people are being tested for the virus; the fear is growing more and more. A person suspected of sheltering the virus inside his body was tested in Hong Kong, and was later found to be uninfected. Another one was considered to be a “very serious threat” in Britain, but was also found to be safe from the virus. The European Union (EU), however, says that it is ready to handle the situation.

The responsible parties are now under the pressure of finding a cure, or at least, effective measures to relieve the west African population. Since March of this year until now, more than a thousand cases of Ebola have been recorded.

Volunteers from many other countries of the world have made the journey to the affected regions of Africa to help curb the outbreak. Hence, the probability of having the virus travel to the countries of origin of the volunteers still exists. The EU states that it is, otherwise, capable of tracking any outbreak fast enough.

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