Expensive Birds, named Cockatoos, Worth Rs 100000 Each Stolen From An Inhabitant of Tamarin

Pet animals become an important part of the owners’ lives. And, when they are gone, they leave behind a hole in the latter’s hearts. This is the case of Melissa Laure-Motur, who lost two of her birds which happen to be species of parrots which are extremely expensive: it is thus believed that thieves have stolen the two birds to make money out of them. The police investigation led to nothing. Now, Melissa says that she will give away a great reward for anyone who brings back to her her babies.


An inhabitant of Tamarin, Melissa Laure-Motur, has had two birds of hers stolen. The birds are cockatoos, a species of the same family of parrots. They were named Sitka and Willi. Their owner was deeply attached to them, and since May, she has been heartbroken after they were robbed.

The birds were in a cage on the balcony when they were stolen. On the 16th of May, she woke up to find both the cage and the pair of birds gone. She had filed a case at the police station, but to no avail; uptil now, the police found no clue. Not willing to give up, Melissa has announced that she will offer a generous reward to anyone who finds the birds. It is to be noted that these parrots are very expensive: one of them could cost around Rs 100 000.

She had found Sitka which is a Sulfur Crested Cockatoo in South Africa when she was in the country for higher studies. She then brought the bird to Mauritius when she returned to the island. Thereafter, she bought another bird in 2006, which is a Goffin Cockatoo. Melissa is actually a great lover of pet animals, from dogs to cats and birds. She already has seven dogs, a cat, and two other parrots. She considers all her pets as her own little babies. Sitka and Willi were specially close to her and they would stay with her all the time, perched on her shoulders, eating and drinking from her own plate and glass.

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