Facebook Malware Funmatic2: Several Mauritian FB Users Trapped

A number of Mauritian Facebookers have had a bad experience on the internet lately. They receive a private message, supposedly from one of their Facebook friends, inviting them to watch a video of their own selves. If someone is naive enough to think that the video is actually his and clicks on the link, his Facebook page becomes under the control of the malware which is the real sender of the viral message. Thereafter, the same message is sent from his own hijacked Facebook page to his other friends.

funmatic2 malware
Some Mauritians having an account on the online social network Facebook went through really unpleasant incidents recently. Their Facebook accounts have been infected with a malware going by the name of funmatic2. The latter has spread all over Facebook in little time.

Several Mauritian users have received a private message from friends requesting them to watch a video of them; the malware uses the profile picture of the person to trick him into thinking that the video is actually of them. When the link is opened, he will be redirected onto a page similar to Facebook with YouTube open (phishing attempt). When viewing the soi-disant video, he will be sharing the malware all over the place.

The dubious message goes as follows:

“This video belongs to you? That’s funny. 76.”

Once one clicks on the link to the video, the malware takes control of their Facebook page. When their page is hijacked, the same message is sent to the person’s Facebook friends. And, the vicious cycle goes on and on. As more and more people fall to the trap of clicking on the link, more Facebook profiles get hijacked, and more messages are sent.

Several Mauritians have actually fallen prey to the Funmatic2. As a consequence, many have contacted the Computer Emergency Response Team Mauritius for assistance. According to the latter’s officers, the best method to get out of the trap is to change the Facebook password.

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