Facial Recognition Cameras Soon To Hit Town Streets in Mauritius

The main road networks of several towns in Mauritius will be equipped with security cameras that cater for facial recognition as a means of helping the police to identify individuals perpetrating acts of violence and others on the streets.

face recognition

Smile, you’re on camera. This is what will happen in the near future, along the main streets of the towns Quatre-Bornes, Curepipe and Beau-Bassin-Rose-Hill. A massive investment of Rs 159 millions has been made to realise the project of installing security cameras on the streets of these towns. Mind you, these are no ordinary cameras: they will, in fact, be equipped with the technology known as facial recognition. And, this makes it even more interesting!

The purpose of the facial-recognition cameras is to assist the police in case of thefts, aggression, and crimes of the likes. Much of the difficulty in police cases lies in identifying the criminals, which will no more be as much of a predicament in the future. Criminals out there, hear out! You won’t remain unidentified for long now. The streets will hopefully be safer with this new measure.

The surveillance system will be based at the Line Barracks at Port-Louis. A database will be made available to facilitate the process of matching known criminals.

It is also to be noted that it has already been made clear that the data of the Mauritius National Identity Scheme will NOT be used in this respect (assuming it’s not just another keep-calm claim).

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  • we would have been able to see if a certain sergant went to detention unit at night to destroy some evidence in my Phone !!!

    And a Messenger of the plaintiff delivering an envelope in my attorney’s office to reward (bribe) him to have withdrawn in a Case letting me down!!!

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