Four New Speed Cameras Installed At Midnight 25.08.14

The project of speed cameras along the Mauritian roads had seen the light of the day last May. Ever since, a flabbergasting number of fines have been issued thanks to the street cameras that have captured drivers speeding their way along the roads. Since they have proved to be of great usefulness, more streets will be adorned with them.

speed camera

Street cameras are increasingly being installed along different streets of Mauritius. As from midnight of the 25th of August, four new speed cameras have been fixed in the following regions:

  1. Poste-de-Flacq, in the direction of Belle-Mare, after Mon-Gout.
  2. At the entrance od Pamplemousses
  3. Poudre-d’Or
  4. Cite Managalkhan, Floreal

The aim is to discourage speeding on the road. By March of this year, 55 000 fines were issued, leading to Rs 110 millions earned by the State as a consequence.

Apart from the efficiency of the cameras in detecting drivers who do not abide by the rules and regulations governing traffic on the roads,  they have also triggered some unforgettable incidents that have happened during the past year. In February, a queer incident occurred, which was termed “the ghost caught speeding”: a driver was caught speeding at a time when he was supposed to have beed dead already. Yet another weird happening that occurred was about an angry driver who had been caught on the camera speeding. Trying to escape justice and order, he went forth to chopping the camera itself – his plan flopped though as the camera was later found and he was apprehended by the law.

Now, the plan is to add nine more of the speed cameras in other strategic regions of the island by the end of this yer. According to an official from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the tests for the operation of the devices are nearly completed.

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  • Citizens expect that this money is invested in Hightect medical equipments training and care instead of Luxury and power cars and powerfull escort motorcycle for ministers and deputies

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