Four Police Officers Arrested In The Petit-Verger Firing Case

Four police officers allegedly involved in the case of the firing at Petit-Verger were arrested yesterday, 19.08.14. They are said to have made fake entries in the Diary Book to back up the alibi of one of the main suspects, Harel Philippe. The arrested officers, one of them being an inspector, are to present in the court of Mapou today.

petit verge firing

Polive officers arrested

Four months of investigation for the Petit-Verger firing incident have finally brought some tangible results. Four police officers involved in the case were arrested by the Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) of the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) yesterday, 19th of August. They are to present in the court of Mapou today morning, 20th of August.


The firing at Petit-Verger took place on the 19th of April. A man of 23 years old going by the name of Yoven Velangany was killed during the sad incident. The incident is supposed to have been fueled by a retaliation among bouncers that led to the firing.

Fake entries in the Diary Book

The group of four officers includes a police inspector. They are accused of having falsified records in the Diary Book with the aim to supporting the alibi of Harel Philippe who is one of the major suspects. While witnesses testified that the latter was at St-Pierre during the firing, Harel Philippe insisted that he was at the Grand-Baie police station for procedures of another case in which he was also involved. The officers are said to have made fake entries in the record book to make the alibi of the accused seem credible enough.

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