Gas Leaks At Mon-Gout: 9 Primary School Children Hospitalized

Gas leaks in a workshop found in Mon-Gout resulted in nine children from the primary school situated in the locality to be hospitalised as a consequence of having breathed in the noxious substances. The parents of the other children left at school were called to fetch their kids, and the school was closed for the day. The situation fortunately was brought under control. The institution will be reopened tomorrow itself.


When we leave home, we know not in what state we’re going to return – unbruised, healthy and safe, or wounded and unconscious. Nor do we know if we’re going to come back at all. Perhaps, though, the greater fear is about our loved ones, specially when it comes to children…

Nine children from the Khemloliva primary school situated at Mon-Gout have had to be transported to the hospital today, 27th of August, after they breathed in gases emitted from a workshop which specialises in the reparation of gas cylinders, located near the school.

Investigations done so far have shown that the unpleasant incident occurred because of gas leaks – this seems to have happened at around ten in the morning today. Furthermore, the wind was blowing in the direction of the school, such that the diffusion of the gases was made easier.

As a consequence, the Minister of Education sent out a communiqué requesting parents to fetch their children from the educational institution which was closed when some students fell sick because of the gas emissions, and will be reopened tomorrow, 28.08.14.

A similar incident took place this year itself, on the 19th of May. Now the authorities have decided to take the necessary measures with respect to the workshop.

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