German Tourist In Critical Condition After Accident in Mauritius Involving NTC Bus

Yesterday morning, a serious road accident occurred at Rivière-des- Anguilles. A car in which a group of four German tourists were travelling collided with a bus of the National Transport Corporation (NTC). The impact of the collision was of great intensity, sending the car flying to ultimately hit the cliff. The incident occurred at around 9h50. By 11h30, attempts to take out the last of the four passengers of the car from the crashed vehicle were still being made by firemen. 

Accident at RdA
Holidays turning into a nightmare

The four German tourists landed in Mauritius on Saturday 23rd of August: Harmut Werner Khrohn, together with his wife Eva Gartner, and their 15-year old daughter as well as the latter’s friend of 17 years og age were on holidays to ‘paradise island’. They were to return to their country on the 30th of August. Fate had it otherwise though. They were onboard a grey Honda when they got hit by an NTC bus. The bus was coming from the direction of Curepipe going towards Rivière-des-Anguilles. It had already gone past the bridge found in the area when the car made a U-turn in front of it. The bus driver was unable to avoid hitting the car; the impact was so violent in nature that the car hit the cliff. Witnesses have suggested that perhaps the tourists meant to stop near the area by the bridge to take pictures.

15-year old girl in critical condition suffering from brain concussion

When the firemen succeeded in removing the passengers from the car, they were swiftly brought to the hospital. The driver suffered from an arm fracture: he had to go through surgery because of this. His wife sustained a fracture in the hand. The two teenagers have suffered from a cerebral concussion. The girl is in a particularly critical situation.

The police force of Rivière-des-Anguilles are now looking into the matter to find the cause behind the accident.


  • That’s a possibility of course, but at the same time, i would really like, that the authorities starts looking at the bus drivers education, the speed they’r driving with.When im looking at the bus trafic on Mauritius, then it’s just a matter of time, before the next accident occours.

  • It must have been a confusion ….left hand drive and right hand drive European !!

    I once had a car face to face in a round about ..the driver was a French and took the roundabout wrong way ..

    Authorities should have lefthand drivers to undergo a test before hiring a car and be allowed to drive. Except for British or those who drive righthand wheel !!

    • Nonsense to do lefthand drivers undergo tests before driving in Mauritius. Do Mauritians have to face this test almost all over the world if they hire cars abroad ?
      If I look at the picture I wonder why the bus is not on the other side of the road, did the avoid colliding with the car and went accidentally on the other side?
      Fact is that bus drivers in Mauritius are killing machines and we have a time bomb ticking away that is just waiting to explode and causing fatal accidents. Additionally bus drivers do not even care about their passengers sitting in the bus. Too much responsibility for uneducated kamikaze drivers. They are always much too fast. Did we have to wait for these news ? … sad to know the truth that it will happen again, and I pray I will never be involved !

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