Girls of The Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) of Beau-Bassin Wreaks Havoc In The Institution

It is the fourth time that the personnel of the Rehabilitation Youth Center (RYC) at Beau-Bassin has had to deal with acts of vandalism committed by the girls who reside in the center. The latter had previously decided to meet up and break the furniture contained in the infrastructure, resulting in window panes and glass shatterred all over the place with pieces of broken furniture.


A chaotic situation settled in the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (RYC) of Beau-Bassin on Saturday 23rd of August. Around 30 girls had decided to turn the institution upside down through acts of vandalism: they began destroying the property, including breaking window panes and other furniture. The situation quickly went out of control such that the police had to be called on the spot. Thereafter, a case has been filed against the teenage girls at the police station of Barkly, charged with “damaging government property”.

The girls who live in the shelter are from 14 to 16 years of age. They had previously consulted each other and came up with the plan to vandalise the RYC. At the time when they began breaking everything in the building, there were only two guards who were posted. Since the situation was brought under control again, the teenagers have been staying in a common room found on the ground floor of the building, waiting to be accommodated again in their own rooms. In the meantime, the RYC has been put under police surveillance.

The Minister of Social Security, Sheila Bappoo, commented on the incident saying that this is not the first time the personnel of the institution had to deal with such circumstances. In the past, some girls had taken to such means; it already happened three times in the past. The authorities are now discussing measures as to how to counter such behaviour from teenagers in the future.

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