HIV Infection of Mauritian Teenager: Hospital & Laboratory Personnel Deny Responsibility

The acting minister of health, Abu Kasenally, has declared during a press conference today (06.08.14) that the hospital and laboratory personnel are not to held responsible for the fact that a teenager receiving blood transfusions from a hospital has proved to be HIV-positive. The parents of the latter had previously alleged that the blood transfusions he received because of his suffering from thalassemia led to him being infected.

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The mystery of the thalassemia-suffering teenage young man who got infected with HIV has now been resolved. The acting minister of Health, Abu Kasenally, revealed during a press conference today that the HIV infection was not the result of a mistake at the level of the laboratories of the ministry. The medical personel of the hospital is not at fault either. Abu Kasenally thus refuted the claims of the parents of the teenager who previously purported that their son got infected after having received blood transfusions from the hospital; the latter needs blood supplies to survive as his red blood cells are destroyed because of the disease he suffers from.

Dr Jankee Soonoo, the one responsible of the blood bank, stated that they take all the necessary precautions when dealing with the blood they receive to be administered to patients. Furthermore, the blood donors whose blood was used for the teenager were tested yet again: the 14 blood donors have proved to be HIV-free.

The parents maintain that their child is not sexually active. How could he have been infected the? It is to be noted that sexual intercourse and blood transfusions are not the only means of transmission of the virus. The patient could have been injured and later having had contact with contaminated blood at the wound.

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  • Obvious…Who would admit to have committed a deadly mistake ?

    After the Moka Eye Hospital issue.

    All those hospitals and Private clinics who have had BLOOD transfusion the last 4 years are requested to report to Victoria Hospital for URGENT and free HIV and AIDS Test.

    Especially exagerated Caesarian birth delivered women who required Blood transfusion.

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