Iran 140 plane crash

Iranian Plane Crashed After Taking Off – 50 Confirmed Dead

An Iranian passenger jet has crashed about an hour ago near the Iranian capital airport. According to initial reports, all 50 people onboard have been killed during the crash when the plane went down about 5 km  to the west of the Iranian capital city. The Iran-140 Sepahan Air jetliner crashed minutes after taking off at 05:15 GMT (Sunday 10th August 2014). According to the Iranian Deputy Minister for Transport, there were 6 children traveling on board, of whom 3 were less than 2 years of age.

Iran 140 plane crash

Iran 140 took off from the Iranian Capital Airport and was bound for Tabas (Eastern Iran). Eyewitness reports claim that the plane lost control while taking off from the airport’s runway and flew only a few seconds before diving to the ground. Several media reports are already blaming the outdated equipment and poor maintenance of Iranian commercial jets as the causes of the accident. Further updates to follow soon.


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