Ebola Outbreak – Isolation Ward in Souillac Hospital (Mauritius) Set Up

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been worrying countries worldwide, including Mauritius. Preventive measures are being adhered to in order to prevent outbreaks on the island: the airport and the port are being closely monitored for any possibly infected passenger, an isolation ward has been set up to deal with any Ebola case detected in the hospital of Souillac, and discussions are being held to evaluate the situation.

Isolation Ward

While the Ebola virus is wreaking havoc in West Africa, Mauritius remains safe from the outbreak. However, in spite of the situation being under control on the island, the Minister of Health maintains that Mauritius is to remain on its guards. An official meeting was held yesterday 4th of August whereby the authorities concerned discussed the situation, namely officials from the Prime Minister office, the police, hotels, amongst others.

The airport has been under strict surveillance for Ebola cases. Passengers are being screened for Ebola virus. In case someone is suspected of carrying the virus, he is put in isolation: an isolation ward has been set up in the hospital of Souillac where people thought to be infected are taken to.

Furthermore, people working abroad in the countries where the risk of contracting the Ebola virus was relatively high and having arrived on the island are being closely monitored for any sign of the disease.

The port is also being monitored. Fortunately, not many ships make the journey to and from countries affected by the epidemic. Meanwhile, captains of ships are following the instructions of the Standard Maritim Declaration of Health. The Assistant Port Master of the Mauritius Ports Authority stated that all ships coming from West Africa are being meticulously verified. In case a member of the ship crew shows signs and symptoms of Ebola, the whole ship is put into isolation.

Countries worldwide are taking the necessary precautions to prevent an outbreak in their respective lands. Europe and the US have voiced out their concerns about doctors returning to the homelands after having worked in countried like Liberia.

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