Jameel Peerally Demands Rs 10 million From Facebook User Who Spread Rumours About His Son

Jameel Peerally, the photograph and social worker, is in the news again, now for completely different reasons. He has filed a police case against an internet user who has allegedly spread slanderous rumours about his eldest son. He demands Rs 10 million from the Facebooker who tagged the unpleasant allegations to his child.


Jameel Peerally related that he found the offensive statements about his son on Saturday 2nd of August when he logged into his Facebook account at around three o’clock in the afternoon. He then came across a Facebook post that stated that his eldest son has been arrested by the police. According to what he said, his son has never had police cases, let alone being arrested. Furthermore, he alleged that the Facebook user in question had harrassed him several times in the past.

He had then decided to contact the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) to explain the situation and thereafter sued the person, demanding Rs 10 million from him.

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