Little Girl, Karina Chikitova, Survives For 11 Days in Forest Living On Berries & River Water

A young girl of four years old went missing for 11 days as she was wandering in a Siberian forest where reindeers and bears are of the main creatures living there. She managed to survive on berries and water from a river. Rescuers found her thanks to her puppy – by that time, she was emaciated, but ALIVE.

Karina, the strong survivor

She was not meant to die so young

They say, what is to happen to you won’t miss you, and what is not to reach you will not so much as touch you, however you might reach out to catch it. Be it life’s blessings, opportunities, or death. Some incidents and events highlight this life’s fact more flabbergastingly than others… Like Karina Chikitova’s survival story.

Freezing, hungry, lonely in a dangerous forest…

A four-year old girl, Karina Chikitova, battled through freezing temperatures, hunger, loneliness and danger for nearly two weeks when she was lost in a forest in Russia. Actually, she was not really alone: she had by her side her puppy. She spent 11 days in the wilderness, surviving on some berries, the hopeful heart of hers, and perhaps, on her puppy’s love as well. By the time she was found by a team of rescuers, she was emaciated and exhausted. But, the little fiery girl was still breathing, alive, as if holding on to hopes that she would be saved.

On a search mission to find her father…

How did Karina find herself in a forest infested by bears? She had set out on the 29th of July to find her father in a village near hers. However, her daddy was not at home when she arrived there. So, she decided to go find him in the forest where her father had gone to put out a wildfire.

Lost & found

When her mother found out that she was missing, she informed others and a search was launched to find little Karina. For days, nothing was found – not one single trace of the girl. But, she was not going to remain lost for long. More than a week later, her puppy found its way back to the hamlet where lived her father. Thereafter, the rescuers sent out search dogs on the puppy’s trail. One of the rescuers, Afanasiy Nikolayev, said that they were sure that the baby animal had remained by her side for all those days when they were without any news of her; he made his statement on the Zvezda TV. After following the puppy’s pathway, they found Karina two days later, lying in 6-kilometer high grass. She was then brought to a hospital.

The state she was in when found

She was found barefeet – she must have lost her shoes when wandering in the forest. As a consequence of lack of food for 11 days, she had lost weight considerably. She related that she had only berries to pacify her hungry stomach. She would also drink water from a nearby river. She was shaken but very much alive.

A survivor

Karina has miraculously survived the freezingly cold temperature, in an environment where live a large number of bears, with practically no resource to sustain her life. The search party was so much more equipped than the courageous girl: they had to take all precautions in case they were to come across bears and other dangerous creatures, while the little girl managed to stay alive without blanket, food, and protection. But, hey, if a child her age has made it through, it only means that she was indeed under miraculous protection.

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