LED Billboards Illegal in Mauritius According To Authorities

The LED billboards might be eye-catching because of its appealing appearance, but the authorities have time and again questioned their being on the Mauritian roads. Now, they are saying that the LED billboards are ‘illegal’. Will they be taken down?

LED billboard

The three digital billboards that have been installed in Mauritius some time back have been deemed to be dangerous for drivers. The Road Development Authority (RDA) has contacted the firm that is behind the setting up of the LED screens so as to inform the latter. On top of the hazard that the RDA purports the billboards pose for drivers, the authorities also say that the firm did not seek their permission before going forward with the project of equipping the roads with them. That is not all. The authorities concerned further stated that this type of billboard is ‘illegal’ in Mauritius.

In fact, certain guidelines have to be respected for street billboards. The small ones have to be situated at a distance of at least five meters from the motorway, while the large ones have to be at fifteen meters away. Furthermore, the firm responsible for the installation of the boards has to submit a technical plan which touches on the subject of road security with respect to the billboards, certified by an engineer, to the authorities before going forward with materialising the idea.

While the director of the firm has not made any recent coment on the issue, some months back, he had related that he had sent a report dealing with the international norms to the authorities…

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