Mauritian Commits Suicide After Forgetting To Buy Winning Lottery Tickets

An inhabitant Port Louis committed suicide some days ago after having been subject to an extremely frustrating situation. He killed himself by consuming a potent herbicide, Gramoxone after forgetting to buy the winning lottery tickets!


Earlier on that day, the day the man decided to end his life, he had faced a bitter disappointment. He was to buy tickets of the Loterie Verte for his association. The association he heads is composed of his colleagues: a group of six people. He was assigned with the task of buying the lottery every month; the money, if won, would be equally divided among the members. However, he forgot to buy the tickets this month. Thereafter, to his utter displeasure, he found out that the lucky numbers of his association were the winning numbers – he had indirectly lost Rs 100 000. He allowed this to overwhelm him to such an extent that he impulsively decided to end his very life.

The lucky numbers chosen by the group of colleagues have been the same for seven years now. For all this time, they have been betting their money on that particular combination of numbers. When it finally came out, it was not theirs to win. In the past, the numbers did come out: in August 2013, they had won a sum of money of Rs 100 000, and each of the members had Rs 16 667. So, this year, when the numbers came out for the second time, the members of the association were overjoyed – a joy that was to last for but a brief period of time. As a result, some of them were upset with the man who was to actually buy the tickets.

The frustrated man succumbed to the pressure of the situation and indulged in alcohol drinking.

His unconscious body was found on the afternoon of Tuesday 26th of August. He was then brought to the Jeetoo hospital where he was cared for. On his death bed, he had explained to the police officers who came to question him the reason behind his desperate act – that was when it was revealed as to how he ingested the lethal herbicide.

The man died and his funeral was scheduled for today, 28th of August.

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