Mauritian Thalassemia-Suffering Teenager Possibly Infected With HIV Through Blood Transfusion

A teenager suffering from thalassemia, inherited disease which drains one of one’s red blood cells, has been infected with HIV. His family is of the opinion that the virus entered his system through blood transfusions. Since thalassemia progressively weakens red blood cells, the young man needed blood transfusions regularly in order to survive. Could this means of survival have backfired at him?

blood transfusion

HIV, short for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is spreading across the world, from person to person, accounting for the increase of AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) patients. Those vulnerable to getting infected by the virus have to take certain measures of precaution to avoid becoming a host for HIV. However, there are certain instances where an infected person is not even responsible for the unfortunate event: as those getting infected through blood transfusion.

Such is the case of a teenager who recently discovered that he is HIV-positive. Two weeks ago, the nightmare began after a blood test was done. He has been a patient suffering from thalassemia – a disorder where one’s red blood cells are weakened and destroyed over time. Because of his health state as a consequence of having his red blood cells being depleted of haemoglobin, he needed regular blood transfusions to survive. It is thought that this was how he got infected by HIV.

Now, his family is accusing the health services of neglect. The health authorities have not yet confirmed this news though: has he really been infected at the hospital through blood transfusions or not?

Later during the day today (06.07.14), this should be made clear in a press conference.

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  • If this happens to be true !! the Minister of health should resign after the incident of the eye hospital ..NOW AIDS contamination!!!!

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