animal abuse

Mauritian Law: Retribution and Fines For Owner of Mistreated Dogs

A woman inadvertently found three dogs encaged which seemed to have been ill-treated. Unable to free them from the cage, she took a picture and sent to the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare, which then responded by taking the dogs out of the custody of their owner. It is to be noted that laws have been formulated for the retribution of those who mistreat their pet animals.

animal abuse

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, and when man gets hurt, it feels the pain. And, so it is the other way round as well. Sweety Ambea filed a complaint at the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) when she witnessed three dogs living in deplorable conditions.

So, she was looking for a place to park her car when she saw the dogs which were in a small cage where they were left without food and drink, according to the observations of the woman. She tried to open the cage to let them out, but she quickly found out that they were locked. Unable to do anything to free them, she took a picture of the cage with the three dogs and sent it to the MSAW. She also uploaded the pictures on Facebook so that the public is made aware of the incident.

When questioned, the owner explained that he needed time to construct a proper kennel for the dogs. The owner of the dogs now faces the risk of having to pay a fine of Rs 10 000. He received a Compliance Notice for ill-treatment from the MSAW. Thereafter, the three dogs were taken away from his custody.

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