Mauritian Law – Sexting Is Illegal

Sexting is illegal in Mauritius, as simple as that. Sending suggestive photographs, spreading them on online social networks and elsewhere, even receiving these pictures are considered to be an offense. Exorbitant fines are to be paid if one is caught doing such, and one faces the risk of imprisonment as well.

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According to the Director of Public Prosecutions, young girls in a relationship have the propensity to send suggestive photos of them to their boyfriends – what is called sexting. Ouch. Well, love makes one do quite many a feat, right? Love and lust coupled makes for fiery potions, who can deny that? Though, trouble begins when love turns into indifference, or even hate – when feelings of vengeance take over an ex-lover.

When love relationships end into fiascos, some guys ‘get even’ with their ex-girlfriends by posting the compromising pictures of the latter on online social networks, or even, having the photographs circulated among students of schools.

What is to be brought to the attention of the public is that these practices are illegal. According to the article 46(h) of the Information and Communication Technologies Act (ICTA), “Any person who uses an information and communication service, including telecommunication service for the transmission or reception of a photograph which is indecent, commits an offence.” Uh-oh. Indecent pictures cannot be circulated in any circumstance.

Anyone breaking the rules is liable to paying a fine of up to Rs 1 million, and might even face a 5-year imprisonment sentence.

Another law spelling out the illegality of the matter is the article 15 of the Child Protection Act: the offender is to pay a fine of Rs 25 000 and he also faces the risk of an additional 20-year of imprisonment. This concerns anyone who spreads indecent pictures of children of less than 18 years old.

Such cases are not reported to the police as often because of the social implications. However, on the Internet, specially Facebook and Twitter, the young people make the most use out of the technologies to speak of their sexting incidents..

Now, wait, what? If someone sends such pictures to his spouse, is it still considered to be illegal? Or, if someone inadvertently receives the suggestive photographs on his mobile phone, will it still be an offence? Maybe, now with increasing advancement in technology, the laws need to adapt to the trend?


        • then refrain from downloading any thing you are prompt to, as it could be a trojan that would send copies of your precious picture away.

        • One is licenced to use a car as licenced to use a phone. Failing to respect the rules and conditions in force in the Country ..the licence can be removed.

          Read carefully all the small characters of TERMS and CONDITIONS of use when you buy a SIM card.

  • In any event what’s behind the underwear of a human being is not a secret everyone Knows what it looks like. Short minded stupid reaction ..

    We yet protect and considers discriminatory to be against one sexual orientation (HOMO) which
    condemned by DIVIN LAW:

    Leviticus 20:13 ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death;

  • All depends of your Origin !!!

    There are those that need to consult the Poussari or Astrals books to get married or find a Mate.. Where emotions and feelings are totally absent.

    If a girl finds a man that pleases her what should she do ?

    as well as if a man find a girl that pleases him what should he do ?

    Let’s say any normal civilized human being will find a way or do anything to draw the attention.

    Or better off consult the Poussary !!!

    • 🙂 I think your ignorance in religions (Yes i said religions not religion), is causing you to talk bullshit here about pousari or whatever.

      🙂 As for arranged marriage, some people find it cool, some do not, you will have to accept that everyone are mature adults and are free to like or not like whatever they want.

      Assuming that what the majority wants is a norm and enforcing such a “norm” on people is nothing less than dictatorship.

      Say again, what is wrong about people wanting to have sex with people of the same sex?

      It is truely, their own will, their own desires, their own stuffs to deal with, religion or politics should just get their nose OFF the private life of people.

      I wouldn’t hesitate to blow up buildings or kill people massively if my freedom weren’t respected, why others accept that by preventing other people to live the way they want in such short human lifespan that most probably we will be creating frustrated humans who will eventually end up doing things that will contribute in bringing down the count of the general populations.

      Having a open mind starts by exploring yourself, not by reading books or listening to others and try to act cool or use big words.



      • Unfortunately majority in this country are still primitive minded and Leaders are well aware of that and exploiting it massively.

        No one like the truth when it cause inconvenience.

        In a world where 14 countries have voted the GAY marriage and a country where we are committed to respect homo Just imagine what goes on in their bedrooms : So define the word INDECENT in ?

        >>> Indecent pictures cannot be circulated in any circumstance <<

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