Mauritian Minors Can Now Travel To Rodrigues With Just A “Bus Pass”

Minors traveling to and from Rodrigues Island, be they accompanied by adults or not, now have clearly-defined simple procedures to follow when boarding airplanes or ships. The instructions for adults have remained the same though.

trips to Rodrigues

The procedures to travel to and from Rodrigues have now been made easier for minors; both for those accompanied by adults and those unaccompanied. As from the 14th of July, this has been applied for trips by ship and airplane. The minors traveling on their own will only need their school bus pass, or a similar document certified by their educational institution, or any other training center they attend.

The procedures have been facilitated further. In case the children and teenagers do not have the documents mentioned above, they can request for an identification card from the local police station. In addition to this, they would also have to provide their birth certificate and the national identity card of their parents or those under whose charge they are.

Those minors who are accompanied by adults now have to present their school bus pass or any similar document from their educational institution, in case their parents or any other adult with them do not have a passport.

The procedures have remained the same for adults: they have to show their passport or their national identity card.

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