Mauritian PM & Delegates Rent An Air Mauritius Plane To Travel To Comoros

The Prime Minister together with his group of delegates will travel to the Comoros Islands for the Indian Ocean Commission Summit. For this purpose, the government has rented an aircraft from Air Mauritius specially for the trip, the expenses of which will be covered by the State itself, and not by the airline company.


The Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam, will soon travel to Moroni, the capital of the Comoros to attend the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) Summit. The event, organised for the fourth time, has been scheduled for the week-end, 23rd and 24th of August. Navin Ramgoolam, accompanied by his delegates, will travel by a chartered flight today, 22.08.14, onboard an A319 aircraft of Air Mauritius. They will then return to Mauritius on Sunday.

The expenses entailed will, however, not be covered by the airline company. Rather, the government has taken upon itself the payment of all the costs involved – it has rented the aircraft and will hence take the responsibility of catering for the expenditures. The airline company has clearly stated that it is a private company and hence would not have been able to cover the expenses. It is to be noted that the government has done this in the past, renting an entire aircraft for professional athletes travelling abroad to attend the Indian Ocean Island Games. The expenses will not necessarily be greater than those made for a normal commercial flight. Rather, it depends on the number of passengers on board.

The chartered flight to the Comoros will have to pass by either Reunion Island, or Madagascar, or Kenya or South Africa because there is no direct flight linking Plaisance to Moroni. The trip would ideally take only two hours if it were to be direct.

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