Mauritian Man Saves Dying Dog Which Got Hit By A Car and Adopts It

In a world almost dominated by cruelty, few souls choose to shine with mercy in spite of the greater part of the crowd inclining to the other side. That is how, from time to time, you will hear stories of people doing incredibly kind actions, selflessly so.

Mr Brown

Moving wounded dog to safety after hit-and-run

People with a merciful heart still exist, as proved by a young man named Okash Etwah. He spotted a brown dog being hit by a car whose driver drove away after the accident. The incident happened at around five yesterday afternoon. Okash was himself traveling on a motorcycle. He stopped the vehicle, got down and displaced the dog from the road to a safer place, under a nearby bush. He then drove home.

Sign of a healthy conscience?

However, his conscience would repeatedly poke him that night; he kept on thinking of the dog – what could have happened to it, maybe, it needed for its injuries to be cared for? Okash then decided to follow his heart. He came back to the location where the bush was situated. There, he found the dog at the same spot he had placed him earlier that day. Seeing the latter, he made his mind to bring it home.

Treatment by PAWS officials

The following morning, he took the dog to PAWS, Union Vale clinic. When examined, the dog was found to have had a femur broken. He was then cared for, and had a bandage wound around its broken leg. However, the dog would need surgical intervention to have its leg bone mended. From then on, Okash took the dog as his own. He decided to take care of the animal.

Mr Brown 2

PAWS will cater for the treatment of the dog, which already has a name: Mr Brown. Verdict: Faith in Humanity Restored!

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