Mauritian Student Apprehended With Illegal Drug In Australia Was Trapped Via Facebook

A Mauritian woman studying in Australia, returning from a trip to India, was apprehended at the airport of Adelaide after the X-ray machine showed the presence of the drug methamphtamine in her luggage. Primary investigations hint at the possibility that she might have been trapped by one of her acquaintances on Facebook who she had just visited in India.

X ray machine finds drugs

A Mauritian student originating from a village in the South of the island was caught at the Adelaide airport in Australia with three kilograms of methamphtamine. The latter is a powerful psychostimulant whose production and sale are limited in certain countries, while being illegal in others.

Investigations done so far suggest that the twenty-eight year old woman was tricked into carrying the drug by one of her acquaintances on online social network, Facebook.

The methamphetamine was detected when her luggage went through the X-ray machine as part of the airport security procedures. As a result, she was held in provisional detention. When questioned by the officers of the Australian Federal Police, she answered that her recent friendship with an Indian spotted on Facebook might have ended her up into this trap. She was actually travelling back to Australia from India, after having visited the friend in question. The ‘friend’ had requested for her to carry a parcel to a close friend of his – the parcel containing the illegal drug.

Now, she has been charged with the offence of drug trafficking under article 307 of the penal code of Australia. If she is actually found guilty, she faces the risk of life imprisonment together with a fine of Rs 23 925 000.


  • Never carry luggage for anyone, outside of your family, or met someone. Poor Mauritian girls career is destroyed by the guy (Indian)she met on facebook.

    • very very sad, as if a family destruction, I pray God for the police to find the indian
      Why the police has not followed the girl for delivery of the lugga It would be very easy to arrest them

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