Mauritius Intensifies Screening For Ebola Virus At Port & Airport

As the ebola virus is spreading in areas of Africa, causing the death of hundreds of people, Mauritian authorities are taking additional precautions to screen passengers travelling from those parts of Africa to the island. A crisis committee has been set up in the country to evaluate the situation and assess the preventive measures.


Ebola is ravaging regions of Africa like Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. Already, 672 people have died from the haemorrhagic fever. As a result, passengers travelling from those areas and the neighbouring ones to Mauritius are being screened more than ever. The port and airport of Mauritius are being reinforced in terms of security. Passengers are being tested for the virus causing ebola more regularly. Those coming from the west of Africa, or those having had contact with people from that region, are being verified for the viral disease in order to prevent any propagation of the virus on the island, specially so since no vaccine exists to neutralise the virus for ebola.

No suspicious case has been notified in Mauritius yet. However, prevention is always better than cure; therefore, precautions have to be taken no matter what. The Ministry of Health is reviewing the preventive measures to assess their effectiveness. A crisis committee has been set up at the level of the ministry for this purpose. The team will meet with an expert from the World Health Organisation, to establish a protocol assisting Mauritius in taking the necessary precautions.

The authorities seem determined to prevent any outbreak of the ebola virus in Mauritius.  Let us hope that these measures will be fruitful.


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