Medical Job Opportunities For Mauritian Doctors In Maldives and Mozambique

When you don’t find the shoe that fits in your country, it is only normal to be allured by the greener grass elsewhere, right? The same goes for Mauritian doctors who are being shown dreams of working abroad: in the Maldives and Mozambique.


Mauritian doctors will soon be recruited by Maldives and Mozambique authorities.

Doctors from all the specialising fields can now fly to the Maldives to fill in the vacant posts of anaesthetists, gynecologists, neurosurgeons, and the likes. Back in January 2013, the ex President of Maldives, Mohammed Waheed, had expressed the will to hire Mauritian professionals in the education and medical sectors of the islands when the Mauritian minister of finance of that time, Xavier-Luc Duval, had paid an official visit. Now, the talks are on again.

The salary of the general practitioners is supposed to be approximately Rs 45 000 per month.

Mozambique is also providing opportunities for Mauritian doctors. The Mauritian minister of health, Lormus Bundhoo, previously announced that he will travel to Mozambique next week to sign a number of agreements, one of which will allow for doctors from Mauritius to practice in Mozambique.

So, have we reached the stage where we can afford to push our doctors to other boundaries? The number of medical students per year reached new heights some years ago. We have otherwise practically reached the target set by the World Health Organisation: one doctor per 600 inhabitants. Hence, the minister of health deems it right to send some of our doctors to other countries in need of medical expertise.

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