MINIMUM internet speed now compulsory for Mauritian ISP

Firms providing internet service in Mauritius will now have to up the level of their service. The rules have recently changed. A minimum internet speed has to be provided by the ISPs. In case they do not respect the new condition, they will have to pay fines and suffer from negative advertising. Customers will henceforth have more control over their internet subscriptions.

Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), has announced that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operating in the island now have to provide a minimum internet speed to their customers. In case this requirement is not met, the clients can contact the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) to file a complaint. As simple as that. Gone are the days of slow internet speed!

If customers deem that their ISPs are not providing them with internet connections of good quality, they have the possibility to refer the case to the authorities. The minister stated that, in the past until now, a maximum internet speed is what is mentioned in contracts – a speed which is never attained, or at least, not attained in most cases. If a customer were to sue the firm because of this, he would surely lose the case, given the terms and conditions of the agreement. Now that the condition has been changed from “maximum” to “minimum”, the tables have turned. The ISPs are now under the obligation of providing the minimum of what they are selling. For instance, if the package bought by a customer is 2 megabites per second, this is the minimum that the ISP has to provide. The ICTA and the customers can even verify the speed they obtained in a certain package.

The ISPs not abiding by the new rule will have to pay fines. On top of fines, they will also have to face the negative publicity entailed.


  • Faster to do what ?
    Download illegal FILMS and SONGS ?
    How many e-mails can someone send at a time ? How many he wants to send ?

    Instead of fixing Minimum speed … Just FIX the maximum price as the provider can’t give that maximum speed they are claiming.

    A Flat rate everywhere 1Mb/s @ Rs / month

    No illegal charging per Mb upload/download activity as most of the WEB site have a lot of unnecessary Cookies and Flash which drain the wallet in favor of the providers

  • Government get the fines
    Providers get the negative publicity

    And what does the customer GETS ?

    1) Tow or three years of FREE internet access ?
    2) A Full refund of the subscription ?

    Stop fooling people Mr Pillay

    Gmail is Hosting 15GB of data
    my Gmail inBox and folders is storing 10,000 of e-mail FREE OF CHARGE

    Mauritius “” and “” always gets exceeding quota …Box full

    Further more since 1990 I have asked to Mauritius Telecoms ..While all public phone in the world can receive “incoming” call and WHY NOT IN MAURITIUS ?

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