My.T Will No More Broadcast Most Football Matches in Mauritius

Subscribed to My.T? Love watching football matches on the internet via My.T? Well, brace yourselves for some bad news then. As from the 14th of August, the football matches will not all be broadcast.


The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) asked for the cessation of the broadcast of football matches of the English Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga and the Africa Cup of Nations. These are broadcast on MBC 3 and MBC Digital 11, which are available on the My.T package. So, as from the 14th of this month, the subscribers of My.T will have only a blank screen at the time of the matches.

MBC explains that even if Mauritius Telecom has the two channels 9 – MBC 3 & MBC Digital 11 – it does not have the right to broadcast these matches because it is only MBC who has bought the broadcasting rights to be able to do so. This is what the official in charge of communication at the MBC, Yan Jankoo, clarified.

It is only recently that the MBC has realised that there could be issues about the broadcasting rights – during the time of the World Footbal Cup, they grew conscious of this situation.

This is in according to what the agreement MBC signed with the firm which sold the broadcasting rights to it stipulates: the rules and regulations are quite strict, limiting the rights only to MBC. If MBC were to persist in violating these rules, it would possibly have to compensate for it with huge amounts of money, hence why it now wishes to do everything right.

Funny, though, how the MBC ‘realised’ the implications of such an important issue after so many years…


UPDATE 14.08.14

MyT subscriber football fans can now sigh in relief. Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and Mauritius Telecom finally came to an agreement so that the latter can broadcast the football matches of the Premier League on its channels. The agreement, however, includes only these matches. Other championships and tournaments do not fall under this decision: MyT has only limited rights to broadcast football matches.

Well, this is still better than nothing.

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