New Products of UBP: “Light Brick” & “Eco Brick”

United Basalt Products (UBP) has launched a new product known as the “Light Brick”, which is less costly than the original one. In some time, it will also market another new one, known as the “Eco Brick”, which will be more expensive because of its constituents enabling it to conserve energy.

UBP new products

United Basalt Products (UBP) has brought to the local market the “Light Brick” yesterday, 29th of August. The new type of brick will cost Rs 2 less than the conventional one. It is as resistant and hard as the usual brick, but with one difference: it does not have a base. Having no bottom, it is lighter and hence less cumbersome to carry and transport from place to place.

UBP has yet another new product to be launched soon enough. The second one is called the “Eco Brick”. The latter is promised to provide better thermal and sound insulation – a capacity enhanced by having polystyrene in its center. This one will, however, cost more than the others because of the integrated polystyrene. But, the positive aspect of the Eco Brick is that it will contribute to the saving of energy – cooling the house will not be as much as an issue since the polystyrene prevents heat exchange from inside surfaces to outsides ones, thereby conserving energy by depending less on air conditioners.

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