Nitin Chinien & Alain Bertrand Condemn The Authorities For Their Detainment In 2013

The courts cases of both Nitin Chinien and Alain Bertrand have been annulled this week. They were also both arrested in 2013. Now they have joined forces against the “roder bout”, in their own words.

Chinien & bertrand

During a press conference today, 22nd of August, held at the community center situated at Marie-Reine-de-la-Paix, they have spoken out against the authorities for what they view as ‘arbitrary detainment’. Alain Bertrand claimed that their constitutional rights have been violated. He stated that they were denied their right to freedom of expression. He also denounced their detainment as being “antidemocratic”. According to Alain Bertrand, they were detained in an abusive manner; while Nitin Chinien was behind the bars for 21 days, Alain Bertrand was imprisoned for 3 days. He went so far as calling the State a ‘dictatorship’.

As for Nitin Chinien, he stated that his 21-day stay in prison had a “negative impact” on his life. He is now experiencing difficulties in finding a job. He has even been unable to make both ends meet for his family such that Jameel Peerally has had to assist him in providing for them. He defended himself by arguing that his YouTube videos which constituted the cause for his arrest were misunderstood by many. According to him, he only denounced corruption. However, he claims having come out of the situation more determined than ever for the fight, adding that it is not fueled by rage. He also revealed that he has written a letter to the director of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), Dan Callikan, to demand a sum of money he says the company owes him which amounts to Rs 543 000.

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