Robbie Williams

No Robbie Williams Is Not Dead – It’s Robin Williams

Fact: Robbie Williams is not dead! – Many people woke up today morning with the news that their favorite singer, Robbie Williams is dead. Lucky fact though: English singer Robbie Williams is not dead. Robin Williams, an American actor, is the one who is actually dead but as usual social media websites such as Twitter  was quickly filled with RIP Robbie Williams messages as soon as mainstream US media announced the news of actor Robin Williams death.

Robbie Williams

Weirdly enough, some even thought Robin Van Persie (football player) was the one dead. Blame this type of confusion with the ever growing amount of people who base their understanding of world events by reading only 1 word of a book.

Robin William

Robin William, one of Hollywood’s most celebrated movie stars was found dead hours ago at age 63 in house in Tiburon (North of San Fransisco).

robin williams

Initial reports indicated that the star committed suicide. An investigation is currently going on to better understand the cause of death and the reason behind this tragic event.



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