PILS Lends A Helping Help To Teenage HIV-Positive Young Man

The case of the teenager boy who got infected by HIV in Mauritius was solved already (or so it seems) – the concerned authorities had previously proven that the mistake was not done at their level. Now, PILS has spoken out, defending the blood bank personnel, arguing that they are well-equipped and could not have made any mistake. They have also stood up for the adolescent, and informed his parents that they will help with the boy’s education concerning the steps he needs to take now.


The case of the adolescent having tested HIV-positive allegedly because of blood transfusions he regularly receives because he suffers from thalassemia is stirring up much talk. The medical authorities involved in the blood transfusion procedures have denied responsibility – the acting minister of health, Abu Kasenally, himself said that the hospital and laboratory personnel dealing with the blood bags are not to be held responsible. They carried out tests on the 14 blood donors whose blood was used on the teenager and it was found that none of them was not infected by HIV. The authorities maintain that the mistake never occurred at their level, thereby opening the door to the other possibility that the young man got infected from elsewhere.

Now that this case is on the mouths of many, PILS (Prévention Information Lutte contre le Sida), the association fighting against AIDS and helping out those infected with the deadly virus, has spoken out concerning this issue. They state that ever since the first HIV case was recorded in Mauritius back in 1987, the country never had any case of infection via blood transfusion. They expressed their conviction that no mistake has been done at the blood bank – the latter is said to be well-equipped to deal with the blood they harvest from blood donors. PILS said, in defense of the laboratory, that they always follow the protocol, and that they are ISO certified. They have qualified employees who follow the recommendations of the World Health Organisation.

PILS has also lent out a helping hand to the teenager in question. They have already met with the latter’s parents to discuss the situation. They will help as much as they can for his therapeutic and psychological education.

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