Pizza Man Badly Injured After Collision With Huge Lorry

Accounts of road accidents are getting more and more common nowadays. Yesterday, 12th of August, a scooter collided with a lorry at Grand-Baie at Chemin Vingt Pieds. The scooter was being driven by a pizza-delivery man. He was trying to overtake a car, but, in so doing, he hit a lorry which was coming in the opposite direction.

He obviously could not avoid the lorry and his vehicle impacted with the latter, which resulted in his body being glided underneath the huge vehicle. The young man, an inhabitant of Piton, was then immediately transported to the hospital. He was later transferred to the surgery department where he was put under artificial breathing. A police investigation is ongoing to shed light on the affair.

The rainy weather during the last few weeks has provided a conducive environment for road accidents to occur, as attested by the inspector of the Traffic Branch Unit, Ashok Mathur. Drivers are thus advised to be careful on the roads. Today itself, a car has rolled several times at around 7h40 in the morning to end up in an upside-down position, with the four wheels facing upwards at Reduit. The passengers have allegedly been injured.

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