Potentially Harmful Chemical in Colgate Toothpaste Slows Down Sales Worldwide

The sales of toothpaste brand Colgate are going down in the USA and several European countries because of the presence of a potentially carcinogenic susbtance known as triclosan. Triclosan has been associated with the increased growth of cancer cells in animals. The FDA (USA) has not warned against its usage because no harmful effect has been demonstrated on humans. However, customers are already worrying about the implications.

Colgate and triclosan

Colgate-toothpaste user? This might interest you then. The company behind its manufacture, Colgate-Palmolive Company, is now the talk of the town because of one of the constituents in Colgate Total: the antibacterial chemical called triclosan. This substance has been associated with the proliferation of cancerous cells and hormonal damages. These health hazards have even discouraged customers from buying the toothpaste that has been in the market for more than 20 twenty years.

Before this information was revealed, Colgate would flaunt their triclosan formula, specially so that clinical trials allegedly showed that the compound is effective in combating gingivitis which is a gum disease. But, now, recent studies have raised concerns over the potential hazards linked to triclosan. While no harmful effect has been demonstrated on humans, the results of the research works have shown that the chemical yields negative effects on animals. The latter experienced cancerous growths and decreased fertility when exposed to triclosan.

Back in 2011, Colgate had ceased using triclosan in the manufacture of soaps because of the issues related to the potential harm. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared that no concrete evidence exists yet to show that the chemical is a hazard. As a result, Colgate proclaimed that it will not change the formula of the toothpaste. It is to be noted that Colgate is mostly concerned about the making of oral-care products. If customers were to show increasing wariness concerning triclosan, this would greatly impact on the sales of the items.

Even though the FDA itself has not warned against the use of triclosan, many customers are already being repelled by the products. FDA or not, dentists are already recommending patients against the use of triclosan. The company’s sales are thus going down. Competitors have hence seized this opportunity to exploit the weakness of the company. The company P&G is launching advertising campaigns to the detriment of Colgate by promoting its toothpaste as being triclosan-free.

Colgate users in Mauritius? We’re yet to hear about any official announcement from the main Colgate importer (IBL) here but we’ll update this page as soon as the company makes an official statement about this.

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