Statistics Mauritius: Rate of Infantile Deaths Increasing in 2014

Statistics Mauritius has published a new report depicting the Mauritian population in numbers. The number of inhabitants forming part of the Mauritian society has increased. So has the number of births and marriages.


With global world population on the increase, Mauritius is no exception to the trend, as revealed by Statistics Mauritius in its new report illustrating the numbers from January to June 2014. Since 2013, Mauritius has undergone a 0.2 % increase in the number of inhabitants residing in the country. Currently, the Mauritian population amounts to 1 261 208 people: this includes the 41 669 inhabitants of Rodrigues, together with 274 from Agalega and Saint-Brandon.

During the six-month period, 6955 babies have seen the light of the day, against 6949 in 2013 during the same time period. The year 2014 is expected to have around 13 610 births.

The new report also included the number of still-births: 104 such cases have been recorded, compared to 98 last year.

Statistics Mauritius has also forecast that the rate of infantile deaths will increase to 14.5 %.

Also, the number of marriages having been contracted has also increased: from 4387 in 2013 to 4 709 in 2014.

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